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Gesu Athletics & Booster News


Fall 2020 Registration - OPEN

By Matt Culkar 06/23/2020, 11:45am EDT

Fall registration is officially open!!! Please go to to begin your registration. For sports we offer look on the main page. Registration will close at midnight on Monday July, 27th.          NO EXCEPTIONS

Just a few reminders and notes. 

Please upload your child(ren) updated physical or scan one over to me. Please see my previous email for more details on physicals. 

This is not new but with the special circumstances this year. I wanted to remind everyone that CYO can not always make a league for the sports we offer. This tends to happen for boys soccer (5/6th grade). If for whatever reason you sign your child(ren) up for a sport and CYO is not able to support a league (due to lack of teams). I will refund your money. 


Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time last year to coach. All of you are the heartbeat of our great athletics program. If you are interested in returning or want to coach for the first time. EITHER WAY. Please email me and let me know what sport and grade you wish to coach. I am not assuming any coaches are returning. I have already received a few emails. Thank you for reaching out and wanting to return this year! 

Coaches Development Program (CDP) (required for all new CYO coaches): The sessions will be done virtually this year. This makes it much easier for all to attend and get their coaching credentials! Once I get more information on when they will be held and the specifics. I will pass the information along. 

Cross Country: Our beloved Coach Rockwood will not be returning this fall. Thank you to Coach Rockwood for all of his years of service at both Saint Dominic's and here at Gesu! If anyone is interested in coaching cross country. Please let me know. 

Rookie Tackle Football: We are introducing the first ever rookie tackle team at Gesu this fall. It is essentially the same as traditional tackle football. The only difference is you play 7 vs. 7 instead of 11 vs. 11. Smaller field and the idea behind it is to lessen the high impact plays. It is designed to be an introduction to tackle football. I encourage anyone that has interest in playing tackle football later in their Gesu career or during their high school career to start with rookie tackle. The rookie tackle team is for 5th and 6th graders. We will need coaches for this team since we did not have it last year.  Please email me if you are interested. 

Football:  Traditional tackle football will be offered for 7th and 8th graders only. Please register for football ASAP. This is a sport, I along with our coaches need to know what the numbers look like. This impacts where and when we can practice, the drills and style of practice our coaches can start to plan out etc. Due to the drop in participation over the recent years. I am planning on combining our 7th and 8th graders into one team. CYO makes a league of teams made up of 7th and 8th graders (our opponents will not be made up of all 8th graders). We did this last year and we finished 4th in the entire diocese!This is with only having 13 healthy players from the middle of the season on. Our entire 7th/8th grade coaching staff is returning and gaining our 6th grade coaches from last year. Our players are in great hands! Any questions or concerns please reach out. 

Looking forward to getting back to sports this fall! 

GO Bulldogs! 


By Matt Culkar 12/09/2019, 11:15pm EST

K-2 basketball league

 The games will be on Saturday mornings and early afternoons (10am-3pm). If you wish to sign up and did not sign them up for any fall sports then there is a 40 dollar fee (IM). This covers all of the k-2 sports for the entire year. 

I will need parents who are willing to help out in order for this league to happen. Everyone will need to become virtus certified in order to coach the kids. I am thinking at least one coach for every 10 kids that sign up. If I do not get enough parents to help out I will not be able to have the league. 

My thoughts on the games. They will be (4) five minute quarters with a five minute half time. The score will not be kept and the kids will wear pinnies to determine the teams. 

With the registration closing on 12/30. I plan on having the first games  Saturday 1/4. Depending on who signs up will determine if we end up combining grades to make the numbers work. If you have already signed up for the 2nd grade boys clinics on Tuesday nights. PLEASE do not sign up for this. 

If you have any interest in coaching please reach out to me so I can start to figure out how many kids we are able to welcome. 

Thank you and GO Bulldogs! 


By Matt Culkar 10/20/2019, 11:15pm EDT

Tuesday (10/29) – 7th grade boys from 5:30-7pm and 8th grade boys from 7:30-9pm

Wednesday (10/30) - 7th grade boys from 5:30-7pm and 8th grade boys from 7:30-9pm


*All assessments will be held in the Family Center Gym

Everyone who is registered to play 7th or 8th grade basketball this year must attend at least one of the above assessments. Even if you think your son will not make the "A" team. The assessment committee will need to make sure the "B" teams are split up as even as possible. 

If possible, please bring your reversible practice jersey from last year. Thank you

Basketball Clinic at Gesu

By Matt Culkar 10/02/2019, 10:00am EDT

Gesu is hosting a Basketball Clinic for kidsĀ of all ages and skill levels.

When: November 2 & 3

Where: Gesu Family Center

Who: Girls & Boys K-8

Gesu is hosting a Basketball Clinic for kids of all ages and skill levels. The clinic will be run by Luke Toth along with his staff of former high school and college basketball players. Students will work on skills grouped by grade levels (2 hours each day). Please see the attached flyer for more information and the link to register. 

The typical cost for this clinic is $60.00/child however, with the help of the boosters your child is able to participate for only $45.00! 

CYO Coaches Needed

By Matt Culkar 10/02/2019, 10:00am EDT

Every coach has an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Every coach has an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people. The coach is a teacher of values, skills and life's lessons. Being a coach is a privilege, a challenge and a responsibility. Click here for information regarding coaching requirements. Please contact Matt Culkar with questions.